Corporate name La Poterie Provençale
Contact René AUGE LARIBE
Contact information

1689 route de la Mer
06410 Biot
33 (0)6 15 32 23 86


Business field

This family business has over the years become a reference in the field of large garden pot fabrication
(jars and vats).


This is the last business in Alpes-Maritimes using the local clay as a raw material. The porosity of the vases made from the clay found in Biot offer optimal conditions for plant growing while being very resistant to frost.
1920: René’s grandfather creates the Poterie Provençale.
1925: The trademark is registered
1930: New workshops are established (where the fabrication unit is now).
1981: René AUGE LARIBE takes over the family business.
2006: The company is officially awarded the “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant”(Living Heritage Entreprise) certification.

Manufacturing techniques: Throws by using a rope wheel, a very specific technique designed to produce very big items. This method was developed by his grandfather in 1920. For many years, Rene has done his best to share and transmit this rare and peculiar knowledge. Today, the rope wheel technique in starting to be recognized and used by other potters settled in France but also abroad (including in Baton Rouge, Louisiana).


These products are greatly appreciated by a clientele of foreign residents settled on the French Riviera. His success encourages the manager of “Poterie Provencale” to meet potential U.S. buyers.


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